Mary Kay
“We Are Sisters” Global Microsite

Since 2001, we’ve worked with Mary Kay in almost every medium. From digital to global branding, product naming to video, we’ve helped bring a voice to the brand and new concepts and products to market.

We Are Sisters is a microsite for millennials, created specifically to expose new users to the brand, test new technologies, and use CRM to personalize the experience. From concept to content strategy, creation and direction, we helped create a site that’s so interactive, it’s more like a movement. And while there are plenty of make-up tips and opportunities to interact, there’s also a great sense of community. And that’s what Mary Kay is all about.


“I’ve worked with Kari since 2001 and from branding to from-scratch web sites, social media campaigns to Asia Pacific TV spots and more, Kari truly grasps what’s going on in the world and in the digital space – and then merges it with a strong, Mary Kay voice. Whether it’s TV spots or Instagram posts, Kari brings innovation, enthusiasm, and great concepts to projects that are always surprising, positive, and on-strategy. I’d recommend her to anyone, for just about anything. She’s that good.” 

– Susan White, Creative Director, Mary Kay


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