Launch w/ Love

Welcome to Author Promo with Heart.

Now more than ever, publishing is a team effort. But these days, I meet more and more authors who have no idea how to promote their books or themselves. They ask: Where do I start? What does the publisher do? And how can I do all of this without feeling completely overwhelmed?

You launch with love.

By creating something that’s completely you, we’ll help you launch your book (and yourself) into the world in a way that’s authentic, enthusiastic, and filled with joy. It’s less promo, more you sharing what you love.

It’s also a lot more fun.

How It Works

We’ll talk about you, your book, and your dream launch scenario. Then we’ll review what your publisher is doing, your goals, and make a plan for greatness. (And giddiness.)

What’s Included

Whether you need blog tour ideas or an entire launch campaign, we’re here to help.

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Author Branding: Web Site/Business Card
  • Research & Discovery: Find your Readers
  • Launch Strategy/Promo Wishlist
  • Creative pre-launch & launch campaigns
  • Innovative press packs
  • Teaser Trailers (lil’ book love movies)

    • Social Media Campaigns, including posts and graphics
    • Creative Promo Giveaways (posters, bookmarks, buttons, etc.)
    • Blog Tour Campaigns/schedules/posts
    • Launch and post-launch support
    • Event planning/ guerrilla ideas
    • Brainstorming and consulting at any level

See the above in action here and here.


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Ad Gal + Band Maven + YA Author = Me.

I’ve been launching products and services for over twenty years. But I’ve also played in garage bands and “launched with love” before I even knew I was doing it. After launching my own award-winning novel with Philomel/Penguin, I discovered there’s a new way to do promo. This is my effort to share what I’ve learned and help fellow authors along the way.

Why Us?

What do you get when you combine a YA author/branding gal with a fun, wondrous designer and a director who makes kid’s films? A book launch team who knows what it’s like to launch, adores KidLit, and is all about making lil’ lovebombs readers will actually love.

Who can Launch w/Love?

Everyone! I specialize in young adult and children’s authors, but all authors are welcome. I love collaborating with literary agencies, publicists and publishers to help fill in the gaps and support a successful launch.

Questions? Interested? We’d love to hear from you.