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“Big Emotions”
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When a regional prescription savings card company was ready for a new name, brand identity, and campaign to match, I was there to help. From discovery and a branding workshop to naming, tagline, verbal identity, and website copy, the RefillWise brand was born. Once the brand was established, I acted as their Creative Director and one-woman agency, brought in a director, Guy Baker, to work with me on concepts and pitch, and a media buyer to put together a plan. Once they bought our dream concept, a humorous, pharmaceutical spoof campaign, I brought in Limbo Films to bring it all to life.


The idea? When it comes to the rising cost of prescriptions, people feel frustrated, giving them some… pretty big emotions. (Insert chainsaw, here.) But thanks to RefillWise, people can save money on their meds. And thanks to this campaign, RefillWise increased sign-ups, developed brand awareness, and made people laugh in the process. RefillWise. Affordable prescriptions start now.


“When we were launching a new brand that needed a great name and a great personality, we knew Kari was the right choice. She gracefully walked our team through the emotional process of defining the soul of our new product, and what she created is still the core of who RefillWise is today. Then Kari imagined a fun new TV campaign, brought in the right team, and creative directed and produced it to great success. We highly recommend Kari!”
 – Keith Jacobs, Luscinia Health




Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Radio, Social Media, TV Commercials, Video