Terwilliger Plaza
#IndieViduals & #ThePortlandExperience Videos

Seniors are more than having a fashion moment, they’re having an everything moment! And that’s what #IndieViduals is all about – the amazing, stylish, talented members who make Terwilliger Plaza a wonderful place to live. Terwilliger is all about individuality and self-expression and this video celebrates that – and more – in a music video meets catwalk meets inspiration kind of way. #KeepitGoin’, indeed.


In this spot that’s tourism meets video diary, we introduce viewers to life at Terwilliger Plaza. When you live here, you live in a land full of bikes and bridges, magnificent coffee and murals. You also live in a 62+ community full of members who are as unique as the city, itself. Welcome to #ThePortlandExperience.


Terwilliger Plaza


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