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What does a girl do when she’s a writer of YA books and things? She hires us to Launch w/Love! With partner Think-Make Design, we created one of our favorite YA sites to date. It not only helped Sara launch her debut YA novel, it also has room to grow and provides extra content for fans of NEVER EVER.


Part of Launch w/Love is reading the book and creating the hook. We loved Minor Island so much that we created a site that has an island-meets-modern feel. The result? A fun, fresh site with a lot of color, a little snark, and plenty of places to play, like an entire page dedicated to extra content for Minor Island. Mocktails, anyone?


“I love this! Seriously, it’s like the perfect author web site. This company sounds really great. I will definitely keep them in mind for other authors.”

– Online Marketing, Viking/Penguin


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