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Oregon Forest Resources Institute
Messaging and TV Spots


When it comes to the future of Oregon’s forests, more trees today means more trees tomorrow – and that’s a good thing. So when the Oregon Forest Resources Institute wanted to educate Oregonians on their replanting efforts, I was called in to help with messaging, concepts, and scripts. The result? “Big Things, Little Things,” an anthemic spot with poetic language, delivered by one of tomorrow’s bright voices.


And when new laws went into effect that increased habitat protections for fish and aquatic wildlife, I helped create messaging, concepts, and scripts for focus groups, resulting in the chosen spot, “Love This Place.” Delivered again from the voice of this future, this spot also speaks about all the animals we love who call our forests home, too. Hooray for habitats! And laws that help protect them.


I worked with Gard Communications throughout 2021 – 2022 on a monthly basis for clients like OFRI, ODOT, eRoad, and more.




Gard Communications/ Oregon Forest Resources Institute


Branding, Business, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Digital, TV Commercials, Video